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Here's how to ensure that you stay connected with Hugh and Web Dimensions, Inc.  

As you probably read from my emails, there's a new law and it's changing the way I do business. I'm asking you to do me this big favor of re-opting in with permission to email you. There's a whole lot in it for you if you do --  

Huge Bonus Spread for You :)  

if you do take a positive step that I’m asking you to do, I am giving you access to the most lavish spread of bonuses that I have ever put together for any purpose or any promo that I’ve done in the past. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 


David C. Ballard Hugh is one-of-a-kind and a true example of what this industry needs more of when it comes to building trust and long-term relationships.

Of course, the bonuses are really only the icing on the cake - when you get to stay in touch with Hugh and Web Dimensions, Inc... you're going to be receiving timely updates, reviews, interviews, news and unique content that you can't get anywhere else. But about those bonuses... :) How about: over 15 GB of NEW Royalty Free Images! over 20 GB of NEW Stock Video clips! Hundreds of MB in royalty-free audio clips! Tens of info products complete with funnels and resale rights! PLUS 3 LUCKY SUBSCRIBERS WILL BE RANDOMLY CHOSEN TO RECEIVE VIP ACCESS TO MY BRAND NEW VIDEO SOFTWARE All that and more!

  Doug Halfpenny I love the free flow webinars with you Hugh. I learn a lot and am entertained and encouraged by your enthusiasm! THANKS!!  

"What happens if I DON'T opt in?"  

What happens if you don't opt in? Well, nothing really... except that you won't hear from me again - even about products you purchased in the past. That's because the new, somewhat strict European laws forbid me from emailing anyone who hasn't explicitly provided me with permission to do so, or "Informed Consent", which is what you are acknowledging when you tick the checkbox on the form and submit. 

So if you DON'T opt in -- if you're already in my database, I will be deleting you after May 25th. So you really won't hear from me again. You can always contact me, but I won't be contacting you - by email, anyway! I'll still be running my Facebook groups and so forth and you can certainly hit me up there. But I would really appreciate it if you would just opt in so I can continue to keep you in the loop about everything Web Dimensions with a quick email now and then.

Thanks sincerely and hope to talk to you again soon! 



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